Grifols has reported to the press the positive result of the AMBAR trial in patients with Alzheimer’s disease in a moderate phase. Our unit (located in the General University Hospital of Catalonia) participated in this phase II clinical trial. Patients were treated with several plasmapheresis and albumin replacement, with or without immunoglobulins administration, compared to a placebo group. The reduction of cerebral amyloid was obtained by extracting this protein circulating in the blood (linked to albumin). A slowdown in the progression of symptoms in those more advanced patients was demonstrated. The risks of the procedure and the replacement therapy were acceptable. Dr. Balaguer, as the principal investigator, participated in the meeting of investigators that took place in Clayton, (NC, USA), in January 2019. The results of this study have been reported to the Spanish Society of Neurology (LXXI National Congress, Sevilla) in November 2019 and at the 12th CTAD Alzheimer’s Congress (San Diego, CA, USA) in December 2019. Our participation in a similar phase III trial is planned.


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